"Olga is outstanding in every way. She is the absolute BEST Executive Assistant with whom I have ever had the privilege and honor of working. I am very impressed with her ability to keep multiple projects and complex tasks on schedule and under budget. She has a very polished demeanor, and is able to safeguard confidential and sensitive information. She is a creative problem solver, a firm protector of her Executive's schedule, a proactive collaborator, and an absolute delight to work with."  

Jennifer Schunemann

Consultant, Publisher, Entrepreneur

"Olga has excellent work ethics, is a loyal and dedicated employee with a "can do" attitude. She is a fast learner, and always strives for excellence. She is efficient and well organized. I strongly recommend her."

Anna Charny, PhD

Managing Partner and Director at RSM-MetroWest

"Olga is an extremely organized professional who is able to maintain a busy schedule & be a valuable member in larger office management team. She is excellent at arranging executive meetings, making domestic & international travel arrangements, and managing complex office team events.
I strongly recommend Olga for Executive Assistant positions & wish her all the best in her future career."

Yuriy Larichev

SVP, Global Sales at Parallels

"From getting absolutely remote destinations booked within an hour to getting visas for an Executive and his family within 2 days (which should have taken 3 months) I have seen her do all of that and then help me out on my projects without a hair out of place.  She has never had a glitch and treats her execs like her own family. She is the Pepper Potts in Iron Man, Miss Moneypenny to James Bond and Mary Beth Brown to Elon Musk - except personified in real life. She is the ultimate."

Katya Portnaya

CFO Boston Carriage

"In the course of my 30+ year career I have worked with many executive assistants. In my opinion, Olga Gersh stands head and shoulders above all the others. She is, by far, the most capable and talented executive assistant with whom I have had the pleasure to work over these many years. She has an incredible capacity for work and handling multiple complex tasks. She is excellent under pressure and has a remarkable ability to problem solve. Whatever task you assign her, you can rest assured that she will take it on willingly, she will figure out how to do it and then she will do it to a high standard of quality and efficiency. She is extraordinarily dependable and talented and would be an asset to any organization that chooses to employ her." 

Mark Danderson

Co-Founder, Publisher at Greylock Press